IMA Special Parts Triple Clamps

IMA Special Parts Triple Clamps


IMA Special Parts is a leading manufacturer of adjustable offset triple clamps for modern superbikes. Employing the latest CNC technologies, each piece is machined from solid T7075 billet aluminum and every detail is given special attention. IMA designs, tests, and manufactures their triple clamps, adjustable clipons, steering damper clamps, and accessories in-house. Each item is hand inspected to insure quality. The result is high tech, ultra-lightweight race parts for motorcycles.

The lower clamp features inverse ribs technology providing greater rigidity while maintaining low overall weight, 4 pinch bolts per side, adjustable offset (25 to 31mm) to tailor the bike's handling to the rider's preference, and adjustable steering stops.

The upper clamp features longitudinal slots creating greater flexibility while decreasing weight, dual pinch bolts and a gullwing profile to allow additional fork height changes when necessary, and can accommodate various mounting solutions for the steering damper.

The combination of a rigid lower triple clamp and a top triple featuring engineered-flexibility effectively reduces chattering, following the technological trends of MotoGP and World Superbike. IMA's line of triple clamps doesn't just mimic the looks of the equipment on top level racebikes, they've been engineered to be the best!

With both 205mm and 215mm fork spacing available, IMA Triple Clamps can accommodate most European and Japanese superbikes, and with a fork diameter range from 50mm up to 58mm, there's no limit to the fork choices available! Don't be stuck with a fixed offset triple clamp setup when upgrading your superbike's forks to Marzocchi, WP, Mupo, Ohlins or others. With IMA Special Parts adjustable offset triple clamps, you don't have to compromise! Available in clear, black, and titanium-gray anodizing.

IMA Triple Clamps are available for Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki and Honda models.

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